Shape up your swing and your body!

By January 11, 2018Featured, Golf

If you are serious about playing the very best golf you can, you have probably figured out by now that there are a few things you need to do in order to improve. Number one is to find golf instruction that works for you!

In person Golf instruction from a qualified teaching professional is usually where most people start, but they soon find out that there is a lot to mastering the golf swing and being able to put everything the instructor is telling you into motion can be extremely challenging. In person lessons are also expensive and not always available at a time that works for you. Bottom line is that actually seeing measurable results in your game from your lessons can be very inconsistent and many times frustrating.

The other big problem that I see all the time is that the instructor will try to get you into positions with your body during the swing that you are just not physically able to achieve. Maybe it’s a flexibility issue or a strength issue. Or maybe you have an old injury issue (i.e. shoulder, knee or bad back) and your body just won’t move like the instructor is telling you to move.

Anybody who follows golf knows that today’s best players spend as much time or more on improving their fitness as they do practicing their golf swing. They put this time and effort in because they know that to compete at the highest levels of competition week to week without getting hurt is the most important factor in their ultimate success or failure.

As a fitness trainer and an avid golfer I have always taken an interest in the physical aspect of the golf swing and have sought out golf instructors who understand the importance of golf fitness to partner up with in helping their clients get both the golf instruction and golf fitness instruction they need to improve. I have helped a lot of golfers improve their game by designing and coaching them through a personalized golf fitness program.

What is really cool that recent advances in Online technology have now made it even easier and more affordable to get the golf instruction and golf fitness coaching that really produces results and I am excited to announce that I have recently partnered up with the leader in Online Golf Instruction Rotary Swing Golf to create a sensational new Golf Improvement Program that is affordable to almost everyone! Click the following link above to learn all about Rotary Swing Golf swing instruction.

To learn more about this exciting new program and to start shaping up your swing and body, click here!

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