Welcome! My name is Bill Morgan. My hope is The T-Zone will become your trusted source for validated health and fitness information, products and online coaching! A resource that can help you transform the way you look, feel, perform and live!

I have been in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 30 years now and along the way I have acquired a lot of knowledge and personal  experience which I have used to help thousands of people improve their lives, and now I would like to help you too!

My mission is to help people learn to live “Lean & Healthy For Life” through lifestyle and diet education! Finding good information, however, can be a challenge! It is very difficult to sort through the myriad of confusing, conflicting health and fitness information in this profit driven society. Most of us just don’t have the time or the desire to take on this challenge. Everyone would like to have a professional coach to help lead the way, but the problem is professionals are expensive and time-consuming.

Well, not anymore!

Thanks to recent advances in internet technology I can now for less than $100/month, design, implement and coach people anywhere  through their very own “personalized” Transformation Program that is guaranteed to produce measurable results or I will refund your money with no questions asked! This is the same program my clients have followed to achieve the amazing results shown above on this page!

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