Lose weight and get in shape with

our Online Fitness Coaching!

We always want to look, feel and perform our best. But its hard to find a professional coach who’s affordable and available when we need them. So instead, we’re left on our own, sorting through confusing health and fitness information that conflicts with each other.

I have developed a simple, easy-to-use online fitness program that allows you to get results on your own. It’s professional fitness and health coaching at your convenience. With my program, I have have seen my clients reduce their body fat and blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol numbers, reduce pain while increasing strength, increase stamina and energy levels, and overall fitness performance. Now it’s your turn!


Lori lost 21 pounds and 10.1% body fat during her initial 90 day transformation program! 30 days later she had lost another 5 pounds,1.1% body fat, and has her looking 10 years younger!


Stan lost over 35 pounds and 13% body fat during his initial 90 day transformation program! Moreover, he was able to stop taking high blood pressure and high cholesterol medication!


Kenny lost over 35 pounds and a whopping 17% body fat during his initial 90 day transformation program! He was able to stop taking high blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

The Total Transformation Program utilizes a holistic inside-out approach. Through my 30 years in health and fitness I have learned that there is more to losing weight and getting in shape than just diet and exercise alone. It’s time to take a look at the whole body and setup a plan that works for you!

Here’s how the online fitness coaching program works:

  • I personally design an eating, exercise and wellness plan based on your age, gender, fitness level and goals.
  • Our online platform, Trainerize, gives you access to your plans, exercise videos and demonstrations, meal plans, documents, and detailed fitness tracking.
  • I can track your progress, make adjustments when necessary, and provide the motivation and accountability needed until your goals are achieved
  • Your monthly coaching program will automatically renew after 30 days and you will be charged the monthly fee of $97 until you wish to cancel. You will be sent an email before the end of each month asking if you wish to continue or cancel.
  • Plus members can contact me anytime with health & fitness questions and comments 24/7!

How to get started:

  1. Sign-up.
  2. Once payment is processed, you will receive a welcome message with access to our Trainerize Platform along with your Guidebook, Initial Consultation form, and Liability Waiver.
  3. Once you submit your Consultation & Liability forms, I will immediately begin designing your health and fitness plans.
  4. You will be notified when your plans are ready and will be available in our Trainerize Platform with instructions from me on how to get started.
  5. You will receive on-going coaching messages from me regarding your progress and you will be able to ask questions 24/7.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have nothing to lose but unwanted fat with The Total Transformation Online Coaching Program. If you follow the plan as instructed and don’t see or feel measurable results in 60 days, I will fully refund your initial purchase, no questions asked.