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Ok, no more excuses… no more procrastinating … the holidays have come and gone… 2017 has come and gone…it’s a New Year…it’s time for a New You…It’s really “TIME FOR CHANGE” !

If once again you have resolved to lose weight and get in shape as your #1 New Year’s Resolution, be assured you are not alone!

It is a proven fact… the #1 New Year’s Resolution in America is (drum roll please) to “lose weight & get in shape”!

Yet… this is the one resolution that people fail the most often to achieve!  Why is that you ask? The answer is… because losing weight and getting in shape is HARD!  

If you have tried in the past you know what I am talking about! It takes work and discipline to achieve these goals and most people are looking for a quick fix that they can buy in a product or a procedure without having to really change the diet and lifestyle habits that have caused them to become so overweight  and out of shape to begin with.

The other equally important answer as to why people fail so often is they lack one or more of the 5 most important things they must have in order to succeed… and those are:

  1. A STRONG ENOUGH REASON TO CHANGE! People change when the pain of staying in their current situation becomes greater than the pain it will take to change!
  2. THE RIGHT PLAN! By the “right plan” I mean the right plan for you! A plan that is customized to fit your age, fitness level, goals and lifestyle!
  3. THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT TO CARRY OUT YOUR PLAN! You need a convenient and comfortable place to exercise. You need a supportive environment in which to change your eating habits because if you are surrounded constantly by destructive food and drink choices, eventually you will give in to temptation.
  4. THE RIGHT TOOLS TO ASSIST YOUR EFFORTS! Achieving your goals is a lot easier and faster if you have the right tools to assist your eating and exercise efforts!
  5. THE PROFESSIONAL COACHING AND ACCOUNTABILITY NEEDED TO SUCCEED! This is the most overlooked and fatal mistake most people make… thinking that they can do it alone… without a customized plan or the know how to carry out their plan and the accountability to keep themselves on track!

For each one of these key elements you are missing your chances for success decrease by 20%! How many are you missing heading into the New Year ?  What are your chances at success?  What are you going to do differently this year than in years past?

Well if you are missing one or more of these key elements and you would like to know where you can get them… and in particular if you do not yet have a definite NEW plan to follow…I have the answer for you!

My brand new Total Transformation Program “Time For Change” is now available for purchase as a monthly coaching program and it contains all 5 of the necessary elements described above. This complete program is easy to follow, convenient, affordable and can be customized to any age (particularly those 40 and older), fitness level, or goal and can be done from either home or gym anywhere in the world!

I invite you to check it out and I am here waiting to help coach you through your personal transformation with this complete and amazing new Online Training Program!

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