Don’t Get Frustrated…Get Educated!

By January 11, 2018Featured, Fitness, Health

I know…. you are about ready to tear your hair out…RIGHT?

You have been dieting now for a couple of weeks…you started an exercise program…but the scale is not budging…in fact in some cases you might even be gaining weight!

You are about ready to give up on this whole idea of losing weight and getting in shape… but don’t do that… it is too important to your health and your self esteem… what you need to understand is that for most people weight loss can be complicated and very frustrating…that is why so many people try and fail when it comes to reaching and sustaining their weight loss goals!

But one thing you should be starting to understand by now is that there is way more to losing weight than just “calories in versus calories out”! In fact there are a number of “inner conditions” that can cause your body to hold onto fat even if you are in a calorie deficit and if you are not aware of what these conditions are and how to correct them…. it may not matter how little you eat or how much you exercise because your body will hold onto fat to protect itself from these harsh, damaging conditions!

I have been in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 30 years! The last 15 of those years as a Personal Trainer & Wellness coach. Along the way I’m proud to say that I have helped hundreds of people improve the way they look, feel and perform! But along the way there were always a number of people I couldn’t help…

Now it’s true many of these people I couldn’t help because they just weren’t willing to make the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle that would actually bring about change… but the ones who really bothered me the most were the people who were trying to eat better and exercise more and their results just weren’t materializing!!

That is when I finally began to understand that there is more to losing fat than just diet and exercise and I set out on a mission to find out what these other things might be and how to correct them. Well it took me over 6 years of research and testing to finally put all the pieces together! But when I started this new “inside-out” approach, by that I mean addressing the inner conditions of the body that can affect fat loss and started building this approach into my clients weight loss programs amazing things began to happen!

I knew at that point I had found something “significant” and that I must share this information with as many people as I could… So I wrote a short guidebook and created a whole new transformation program called “Time for Change” because it is Time For Change in how we approach losing weight…because what we have been doing just isn’t working!

The Guidebook contains all the information a person would need to live lean and healthy for life if they just learned and applied the key principles. It even includes an eating, exercise and wellness plan that you can start using immediately to start seeing the results you are so desperately seeking!

I have decided to give this guidebook away for FREE because it is my way of giving you something of a great value and in the hopes that after you read the book you might consider letting me design and coach you through your own personalized transformation program!

But in the meantime… just Download Your FREE Copy and start learning about this new approach… I guarantee you it is full of valuable health and fitness information that will help you to Live Leaner & Healthier for Life!


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