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What is in Your Water?

By May 5, 2017Featured, Food, Health

Water is the second most important basic element to human life ranking only behind oxygen in the hierarchy of needs. Think of it this way… How long can you live without oxygen? About 5 minutes! How long can you live without Water? About 5 days! How long can you live without food? Maybe 5 weeks! You get my point… Water is Critical to our existence!

Yet despite it’s obvious importance…How can this second most critical element to human life be  so “misunderstood” and “taken for granted” here in our western culture? Maybe it’s because we have such easy access to what seems to be an abundant supply!  We worry more about the toppings on our pizza, sandwiches or salads then we do about what is in our water. In fact, many of you may say at this point…what do you mean, there isn’t anything in my water except water!  Boy are you mistaken!

In fact, depending on where you get your drinking water from… a city or other municipal water supply (i.e. the tap) or commercially bottled water which unfortunately in many cases is just municipal water put into a “toxic” plastic bottle and sold to you at an exorbitant price for your convenience or you have your own well and you are pulling it out of the ground, the sad fact is there is probably way more potentially harmful chemicals in your water than you could even imagine!

This is not really “NEW NEWS” there have been countless articles, documentaries and news stories devoted to this issue, yet even with all of this information available most of us are under the false illusion that there is some “government agency” overseeing the safety of our drinking water.  We assume this because we didn’t hear about anyone dying yesterday from drinking commercially regulated water…at least that is not what is listed on their death certificate as “cause of death”! But the sad fact is that most of the people who are profiting from the sale of commercially regulated water know that the chemicals used to “keep our water safe and clean” have been directly linked to many insidious diseases that directly or indirectly are killing us!

If this statement concerns you, and I would hope it does, I would challenge you to do some investigation of your own so you can make an informed decision about what type of water you will choose to drink for yourself and your loved ones. Google, You Tube or whatever other media you use to get your information the “hidden dangers in our water” or something like that and you will find that there is no shortage of scientifically validated information out there!

I have spent over 10 years learning about these hidden dangers and there causes. I have invested thousands of dollars on various water purification and enhancement systems trying to understand what is hype and what is fact and ultimately looking for the safest and healthiest water I could drink and give to my loved ones…If you would like to save yourself some time and effort and see the water I choose to drink and why…Click Here

How much water do you drink? The recommended  64 oz. per day? Most of us don’t even come close. Way to many of us do  not  pay  enough  attention  to  our  Hydration.  In fact it is estimated that over 90% of all people in North America are walking around dehydrated and again the consequences are devastating to the quality and quantity of our life as you will see! 

Not only is the quantity of water you drink important but so is the quality! What type of water do you drink? Tap or plastic bottled water or store bought waters, like spring, mineral or vitamin water? Did you know that most tap water is acidic and that most bottled waters are nothing more than tap water in a plastic bottle! Did you know that plastic bottles are toxic because of the toxic petroleum products in the plastic? Or that many of the “specialty” waters are not what they claim to be?

Well maybe you have done your due diligence and investigated the different types of water and their importance to proper hydration, health and performance. Maybe you have invested in an expensive filtering system or water machine of some kind that has special attributes for improving the quality of your water?

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 of us are not paying enough attention to this super important aspect of our health! When you stop and consider that our bodies, on average, are made up of more than 75% water and all of our cells, nervous system, organs, muscles and brain need to be hydrated properly in order to perform at optimal levels why would we fail to recognize the importance of proper hydration. The answers are two-fold… 1.) Most of us have not had it explained like this so we don’t give it proper attention and 2.) Because the negative effects of dehydration show up in many other symptoms like headaches, digestive issues, pain, skin conditions and weight gain just to name a few so we never stop to consider these symptoms could actually be the cause of dehydration and when we do go to the doctor rarely does he ask about the quantity or quality of our water consumption.

So what do we do to make sure we are properly hydrated? The first answer is pretty obvious… drink more water! I recommend to my clients that they try to drink at least ½ their body weight in ounces each and every day at least until they get themselves back to a properly hydrated level. Then they can back it off a little if they want too! The second thing I recommend is that you drink a better quality of water! Did you know that there are certain types of waters that are structured in such a way that make them easier for the body to  absorb and in some cases can actually hydrate up to 6 times quicker and more effectively!

Without getting into all of the science of how this works right here, take my word for it because it is true and if you want to learn more about the science behind water and compare some of the options The very best water option I have found to date again is CERRA WATER.

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