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The 5 Things You Must Absolutely Know Before Starting

By May 5, 2017Featured, Health

Ok, so you have decided that it is time to make some changes to your life! Maybe you want to “TRANSFORM” the way you look, feel, perform or maybe the way you live life in general! These changes could be things like losing some weight, getting more active, improving your health to avoid getting a debilitating illness or disease, reducing your stress, improving your spiritual awareness or all of the above.

But here is the thing, “change can be difficult” as we all know, particularly if we are “not really prepared” to make the changes we so desperately seek!

So, I am going to give you the 5 Most Important Things you will need before you attempt to change anything and I will present them in the form of questions!

1.) Why am I seeking Change?

This might be the most important question you will ever ask in regards to changing anything. If you don’t have a “crystal clear” reason for “why” you are seeking change, your efforts will be sporadic and inconsistent therefore producing less than optimal success.

So in order to get that “crystal clear” reason for change you need to look closely at the pain that your current condition is causing you and include that pain in your mission statement. You can’t just make a general statement like I need to lose some weight or I’m Fat! Your reason needs to be much more specific and filled with emotion.

For example: “I must reduce my body fat because it is impacting my life in such a negative way. I hate the person I see in the mirror, my self esteem and confidence is badly damaged. I feel old and sluggish I am sick and tired all the time. I can barely climb a set of stairs or walk up a hill without having to stop to get my breath. My blood sugar levels are too high and if I do not do something about it soon I will be diabetic!” My quality of life is being negatively impacted because of my diet and lifestyle!

2.) How committed am I to this change? 

On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to making this change?  Your answer better be a 9 or 10 or this change you are seeking is not important enough to create a sincere “Failure Is Not An Option” position. This decision to change must become one of the most important things in your life and the reason it is that important is that the pain that your current condition is causing you has become unbearable!

I like to think about it like this, if you went to the doctor and he told you had a life-threatening condition and you needed to start a treatment program immediately to save your life, this treatment program would become the most important thing in your world and I doubt you would miss a single treatment appointment! Not going to treatment would “not be an option”

3.)  What do I need to accomplish this change?

Ok, you have made the decision that it is “Time To Change” your level of commitment to this change is a 10… Now What? What are you going to need to make this change a reality? There are 5 Keys you must have in place before you begin!

  • The Right Plan!
  • The Right Environment to Carry out your plan!
  • The Right Tools!
  • The Professional Coaching and Accountability you need to succeed!
  • The Support of your family and friends! 

4.) Who can I depend on to help me change?

This is where most people make a crucial mistake! They think they can take this “life changing” action on their own. The fact is all of us need support and particularly from our family and friends because if they are not supportive of your decision to change the way you eat and live it will make it very tough for you to carry out your plan. You must be able to convey to your family and friends that this decision to “change” is one of the most important decisions you have ever made in your life and your health and “well-being” depends on your success!

The second aspect to this question is whether or not to hire a professional coach to help you change. I think I have already addressed the importance of this in the Introduction and it will be further discussed as you read on through the book.

5.) What will I look, feel and perform like when I have accomplished this change?

You not only have to be able to state this you have to be able to visualize and feel the emotions that will come from having achieved your goals!  Just remember “what we believe is probably what we are going to experience in our lives” and our beliefs must be rooted with a strong emotional attachment. In other words we must be able to “see and feel” the end result before it occurs!

There is no room for doubt or just a state of “wanting to change”… we must be absolutely convinced that we have everything we need to achieve our goals and that achieving the goal is a “Done Deal!

If you are looking to change the way you look, feel or perform and you would like the Professional help you need to set up the right plan for your particular age, gender and fitness level, as well as someone to help coach you through your program and hold you accountable… I have just released my new Online Coaching program that is affordable and easy to follow for everyone and can be done  from the convenience of your own home with a few pieces of inexpensive  equipment! To learn more Click Here!

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